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TikTok Beauty Trends 2023: the trends to keep an eye on this year

Also this year TikTok is ready to offer us the trends of the moment but which ones will be the ones to really keep an eye on? We anticipate them! Obviously these are amateur predictions, based on experiences in the sector and personal opinions, but it's still worth taking notes, what do you think?

Let's go!

I'm Cold” make-up look

We have already seen it in recent months, yet it will continue to please us for this cold season. For those who don't know what we're talking about, it's a make-up look that celebrates the glowy effect and the typical redness on the face that arises when we spend a day outdoors in the winter months.

Very few steps are enough to create the Cold make-up look :

  • Apply a moisturizing face cream-primer , which protects the skin from cold and pollution;
  • Perfect the complexion with your favorite foundation and an illuminating concealer;
  • Enhance your eyes with a glittery champagne-toned eyeshadow and a generous coat of mascara;
  • Dab an illuminating cream on the cheekbones, tip of the nose and eyebrow arch to give the face a glowy effect;
  • Apply your favorite blush to the cheeks, temples and bridge of the nose, just as if you were sunbathing on a day in the mountains.
  • Complete with your favorite lipstick and a veil of gloss.

Beauty tip? Use the same lipstick you will apply on your lips as a blush for an even more natural effect.

Red Nails Theory

After Hailey Bieber's Glazed Donut Nails, the Red Nails Theory has taken hold on TikTok , or the theory of red nails, which sees the color of love as the protagonist in the world of nails and analyzes its perception by men. This, formulated by the creator Robyn Delmonte (on GirlBossTown on social media) , claims that red nail polish is an incredible weapon of seduction, considering that today's kids have grown up with this color as a reference point in their mothers' beauty – especially in the nineties.

What do you think about it? Is Robyn right?

Glazed Donut Everything

When it comes to " glazed donuts " Hailey's hand is always involved! Her passion for plump and hydrated skin so that it appears almost frosted immediately went viral, especially for evening skincare.

How to make it? We'll explain it to you right away, in just a few steps you'll have super glazed skin.

Finish your routine with a generous layer of moisturizing or nourishing cream to seal all previously applied treatments.

Bodycare as new skincare

Body care will be in pole position within the beauty routines of each of us. Great news is expected from the cosmetic companies to dedicate the same attention we pay to the face to the rest of the body. Whether it's the beginning of body tonics or specific masks? While waiting to see what will happen, let's remain faithful to what is essential bodycare for us in its three steps that make it minimalist but decidedly effective.

Once a week use a body scrub to remove dead cells and smooth the skin giving it a glow. Always continue with a nourishing cleanser and a body cream , the daily pampering to end the day in the best possible way.

Laminated Skin

After the Korean Glass Skin, the Glazed Dunot Skin and the Reverse Skincare , all of which promise a super luminous effect through the layering of products, here comes the Laminated Skin. The trend, born from Terry Barber, provides for a dewy and radiant make-up base - even without the layering of products - in order to give the skin a translucent effect, as if it were wet with dew.

To achieve this particular effect it is necessary to eliminate the powder products and proceed only with the cream ones, capable of giving the skin a super hydrated and visible effect not only on the cheekbones but also in the T-zone.

To achieve this look, here's how you need to go about it:

  • After cleansing your face, apply an illuminating face mask ;
  • Once the processing time has passed, rinse and apply the toner directly with your fingers;
  • Use an illuminating face cream , capable of hydrating, preparing and giving radiance to the skin with a single gesture;
  • Mix a small amount of illuminating face cream with your favorite base – preferably sheer – in order to enhance its brilliant effect;
  • Use a contouring product, also in cream, to sculpt the face in an almost imperceptible way;
  • Embellish everything by tapping the illuminating cream on the cheekbones, temples and tip of the nose as well.

mermaid core

If the trend had already given way to the Siren Eyes Makeup Look , now we have to expect eyeshadows with vivid and vitaminic colors, super glow, almost iridescent skin, and wet-effect wavy hair.

How to best achieve this make-up? Starting from a good skincare to create a good face base, following the Laminated Skin trend , and a monochromatic eyeshadow to be spread over the entire eyelid, preferably in shades of blue, light blue, green and yellow. Naturally the glow can be exaggerated, so embellish everything with the application of glitter and glitter.

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