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Dull skin after tanning: causes and remedies

The return home after the holidays is always full of high hopes – as well as melancholy: the tan is golden , the face more relaxed and we have a dream, that our complexion – hard won between sun creams and after-sun creams – lasts for always, making us feel more confident and why not, even sexier.

Too bad the dream fades quickly: just a few days and slowly the tan becomes a distant memory, leaving the skin dull , dull and, all too often, dry.

But since when do we have the craving for a tan? Why does the skin play this trick on us? How can we fix it? Find out with us!

The tan upgrade

Considered since ancient times the distinctive sign of the humblest classes, forced to work in the sun, the tan was re-evaluated in the 1920s , when Coco Chanel, returning from a holiday on the Costa Smeralda, showed off a splendid amber complexion, so to want to be imitated by the loyal customers of the boutique in Rue Cambon. In the second half of the twentieth century, also thanks to the diffusion of color television, which increasingly showed beautiful and tanned men and women in exclusive holiday resorts, tanning became a status symbol in its own right: with a sudden of roles, tanned skin came to mean wealth and luxurious vacations, while paleness to symbolize long hours of factory work away from the sun.

Needless to discuss it, the tan is nowadays a summer must-have that doesn't seem destined to fade, but once the holidays are over - as if this weren't enough - the tanned skin looks sadly dull and certainly not as luminous and hydrated as we would like. What are the causes of this little inconvenience that reminds us that summer is now over?

Gorgeous skin after tanning: is it possible?

There are two main causes of dull skin after prolonged exposure to the sun's rays: dehydration and skin thickening. Nothing serious or irreparable.

  • The first precaution to adopt, therefore, is to keep the body hydrated by drinking lots of fresh water and preferring foods that are rich in it, such as fruit and vegetables. Taking care of your diet, preferring foods based on beta-carotene and vitamin C, will not only help you counteract the oxidizing action of ultraviolet rays but also regulate the production of melanin in the skin.
  • The second trick is always the same, but this time related to the skin. Be strong and consistently spread a moisturizing cream rich in repairing and regenerating active ingredients every day, which will restore the right degree of hydration to the skin, sublimating the tan. Well yes, with a very minimal effort you will be able to keep the much loved tan for longer!
  • Third trick: exfoliation . You understood well! Exfoliating your skin once every two weeks will help you slough off dead skin cells and restore a new glow to your skin. Let's hear some skepticism! Do not you believe it? Keep reading!
  • Last but not least: don't turn the air conditioning on full blast. Although after a day under the scorching sun the temptation of a jet of fresh air shot at you is very strong, try to resist: too cold narrows the pores and does not allow the skin to breathe as it should, making it dry and dull.

Take Note: Myths and Misconceptions About Tanning

Every year some variant is proposed but in this case we will focus on the most common false beliefs that lead us not to take care of our tan as we should:

  • Hot shower? Never! We are sorry to tell you but water is always water. Sure, cold is definitely regenerating, especially if you've sunbathed and the temperatures are still very high, but a relaxing hot shower will help fix your tan without affecting it in the slightest.
  • Bubble bath and scrub? Vade Retro! Although the idea is widespread that the cells darkened by the sun are the most superficial ones, we have to give you a second piece of bad news: melanin is formed in depth therefore bubble baths and exfoliating treatments are absolutely not to be limited. Indeed, using a body scrub once a week, especially if followed by the famous hydration ritual we were talking about earlier, will help you remove the hardest and most superficial epithelial cells, thus leaving your skin more elastic and luminous. Why did this belief spread? Simple, not everyone knows that to protect themselves from UV rays, when exposed to the sun for a long time, the skin thickens spontaneously and it is precisely this superficial layer that appears dull and opaque. By exfoliating your skin regularly, therefore, not only will you keep your skin glowing but your tan will be much more even. Gorgeous, evenly tanned skin will surface.

Beauty tip to maintain a tan

It will never be like sunbathing by the sea - unfortunately we know it well - but have you ever thought about using a little self-tanner as a little trick? It could be a valid ally to keep the much-loved tan longer. Are you a beginner? Few tricks: exfoliate the body, paying particular attention to the elbows and knees to ensure uniform application and carefully follow the instructions on the package. Yes, even that of washing your hands carefully after use.

Do you know any other myths or tricks about tanning? Write it to us in the comments and if you don't know what to do after reading this article, we suggest you start with a fantastic scrub!

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