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How to regenerate your skin after the holidays: 10 beauty tips

Sun, mountains, wind, salt ... after having regenerated your mind, the fateful moment has come to regenerate your skin after the holidays. That's why we thought of 10 perfect beauty tips to prepare you for your return, from skincare to make-up! Let's begin?

Cleansing is always the first step

Properly cleansing the skin is the first step to having beautiful skin: it must be your mantra.

Don't be afraid to "wash off" your tan and above all, don't worry about mascara streaks or the like before going to bed. It's okay to feel a little nostalgic about nights spent on the beach with friends and permanent makeup on your face, but it's also true that it doesn't do your skin any good.

At this time of the year more than ever it is important to cleanse the face with a moisturizing cleanser or, as in the famous Korean skincare, opt for a double cleansing. Combination or oily skin? Off to apurifying cleanser, provided it's not too harsh on your face.

Exfoliate the skin: the must have to regenerate the skin

If your problem is dull skin after tanning there is only one solution: exfoliate your skin. Don't worry, this operation doesn't remove the tan but only the superficial layer of dead cells, immediately making your skin soft, supple and luminous.

We couldn't convince you? Try an enzymatic exfoliating face scrub : very delicate, it is also particularly suitable for the most sensitive and reactive skin.

Hydration: the key to regenerating your skin after the holidays

Moisturizing the skin is essential after the holidays, not only to preserve the tan for as long as possible but also to give relief to skin that is probably red, dehydrated and dull.

Choose active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid , aloe vera , vitamin E or niacinamide for your serum and face cream: they are perfect for hydrating the skin without weighing it down and treating the problems of inflamed or oilier skin.

Also treat yourself to some extra face masks : the refreshing, after-sun and soothing ones are perfect. Don't underestimate them!

Emphasize your tan by illuminating you immensely

At this point the tan should be brighter and the skin more supple and toned. Emphasize everything with a multitasking illuminating cream : use it locally on certain points of the face and body, such as on the cheekbones and collarbones, or on the décolleté, shoulders and legs. Wow result guaranteed.

Do you have particularly dry skin? Choose a non-greasy oil formulation and your skin will immediately be nourished and more radiant.

The skin-prep to regenerate the skin

If you're not quite in the mood to dig up tinted creams or foundations just yet, prep your skin with undermakeup , multitasking creams and serums that double as primers. In this way you will smooth and even out the skin in just one step, enhancing your complexion and preparing it for any quick and essential make-up. After all, less is more.

Light make-up to enhance you without weighing you down

If you're not a big fan of full-face make-up, correct any imperfections with a touch of concealer, sculpt and revive the complexion with a little bronzer and to speed things up, blend a little in the crease of the eye , so as to give a little depth to the look. A mascara to enhance your eyes and a lip balm will be perfect to carry with you in your bag, especially if the latter doubles as a primer allowing you to switch from bare lips to your favorite lipstick just in time for the aperitivo! The final touch? A dash of illuminating cream on the cheekbones and cupid's bow. In just 5 minutes you will have already completed your beauty make-up routine.

Regenerate the skin after the holidays and beyond…

If you can afford it in the chaos of returning where the desire to do something is very often almost non-existent, try to find a few moments to take care of yourself even outside your bathroom. You can start by renovating your haircut - or simply remedying the beach waves, so chic on the beach but which are a bit "cast away - hair edition" in the city - or with a simple manicure, you want to get the satisfaction of having your hands perfectly manicured drumming on the pc keyboard?

Skin-friendly food

Keep your body hydrated and in shape by drinking plenty of water and preferring foods rich in it, such as fruit and vegetables, even better if rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. Abandon or limit open hours and dinners out for a while and resume your diet habitual: you will see that it will also help give you more strength for the return to school or work.

Regenerate the mind

Take a few hours and with a clear mind, clean up the things that have been stationed at home or in your bathroom for too, far too long. Start a guilt-free beauty decluttering: expired cosmetics (just read the PAO), dry nail polish, creams that are not suitable for your skin type and so on. Do the same with magazines and other things sitting on your desk. You will immediately feel better.

Last beauty tip to regenerate the skin

Try to make up your normal hours, especially if the wee hours have been a part of your vacation. You will see that it will help you return to your normal daily routine much faster. So go to bed soon!

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