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Face Taping: the new TikTok trend for a lifted face

You see it on social networks like Instagram and TikTok, the web talks about it all the time but what is this Face Taping? And most importantly, why is everyone talking about it?

Let's start by saying that Face Taping is an anti-aging technique born in Russia from the research of the natural rejuvenation specialist Svetlana Kokorina , and which soon spread first to South Korea (did we expect it? Yes!) to then become, obviously, viral.

What is Face Taping and what is it for?

What is Face Taping and what is it for?

Face Taping, as we have said, is a technique used to relax the facial features in a natural and non-invasive way which involves applying cotton plasters (called tapes) in some strategic areas to reactivate the circulatory, lymphatic and muscle functions.

Thanks to the particular structure of the tapes, formed by many small waves that manage to slightly lift the skin, after use the skin will appear almost immediately relaxed and toned.

It is important to say that this technique is basically inspired by kinesio taping , i.e. the therapy used above all in sports which consists in applying kinesiological patches (also adhesive and made of cotton) on the body to treat traumas, contractures and lymphatic blockages. These plasters, by exerting traction on the muscle, make it possible to relieve the physiological load exerted and consequently the pain.

Exactly like kinesiological patches, managing to slightly lift the skin, these tapes manage to reactivate contracted muscles due to postural errors or commonly stress, having the effect of a natural massage perfect for relaxing and counteracting the first signs of aging on the face .

What are the beneficial effects of Face Taping?

What are the beneficial effects of Face Taping?

Let's see together what are the benefits of this surprising (and from social media we would also say super aesthetic) technique.

  • Relax tense muscles by contrasting the first signs of expression and wrinkles, especially in mature skin;
  • Stimulates the muscles, helping them to become more toned;
  • It helps drain the liquids present in the tissues of the face, thus reducing bags and dark circles;
  • Reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulation of the face.

Is face taping harmful?

Is face taping harmful?

The tapes do not contain any serum or anti-aging product, but, as we have said, they act exclusively thanks to the mechanical pumping action they apply to the blood and lymphatic system.

For this reason, our advice is not to proceed immediately independently but to always have a first cognitive meeting with a specialist in the sector, so as to evaluate the most suitable areas to treat and to avoid possible side effects.

In particular, whether you want to proceed after a consultation or if you want to proceed independently, you must pay close attention to the adhesive material of the tape, which can cause damage to the skin also considering the application time which varies from 8 to 10 hours .

In fact, prolonged use can make the skin red, dry and itchy in the area where the tape was placed.

In this regard, we advise you to use jolly products to always keep in your beauty to avoid redness, dryness and possible irritations such as a moisturizing face mask or a nourishing serum , both perfect for being included in an already well-structured beauty routine.

How to do Face Taping correctly

How to do Face Taping correctly

We advise you to proceed with the Face Taping treatment in the evening: proceed by removing make-up and carefully cleansing the skin. Once dry, instead of continuing with your skincare, proceed with the application of the tapes on your face and keep them on for 8 to 10 hours while you sleep.

Regarding the frequency of treatment, we invite you to consult a professional in order to obtain the result you want. The protocol for an immediate result, for example, involves applying the tapes for 10 consecutive days or for seven days and then another 3 times every other day.

Already after the first treatment the skin improves significantly, resulting less tired and dull, but unfortunately this effect only lasts a few days. For optimal results, in fact, it needs to be repeated constantly over time.

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