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Barbiecore: Barbie style turns pink next year

Yes, you got it right, the trend of the moment is called BarbieCore, which is all the rage on social media and beyond.

And perhaps we could also have imagined it after the wonderful Valentino fashion show last spring where Pierpaolo Piccioli presented an unprecedented point of color for the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection created in collaboration with Pantone and which takes the name of Valentino Pink PP . Color, the absolute protagonist, covered every element, from clothes to accessories, from the location to the invitations for the event, making itself irresistible, catchy and highly inclusive.

It is the stylist himself who tells how the nuance has been stripped of its usual association with the female world by telling " I wanted to consider it a color like any other, bringing the attention no longer on the color itself but on the creative work that is the basis of fashion, volumes, silhouettes, cuts and shapes. The chromatic annulment allows the amplification of the variety of bodies, of attitudes, of physicalities. Using a single color changes the perception of what your brain sees and you are forced to observe surfaces, materials and details. Even the discourses on inclusiveness lose consistency in this perspective, only the authenticity of the people remains."

If we add to this the sneak-peek shots of the Barbie film set, due out in 2023, where Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling respectively play the most famous "fashion doll" in the world and her perfect boyfriend, the game is done: the Barbie style is ready to go viral.

The shapes, deliberately soft and abundant, with a certain dose of kitsch, refer to the aesthetics linked to the 2000s, however making the girly side absolutely genderless.

BarbieCore: fashion trends

Resuming the "best of" looks of the 2000s, obviously, minidresses, short tops and vertiginous bon-ton miniskirts, platform shoes, glitter-covered handbags, heart-shaped sunglasses and resin accessories cannot be missing.

In essence, a mesh-up between Britney's looks from "Baby One More Time" and the full style of Barbie - who, however, has also made its way on social networks since the 2000s, so much so that she even has an instagram account completely dedicated to her outfit @barbiestyle .

Does the idea of ​​wearing a hot pink total look scare you a little? No problem! A few small details are enough to make your look cool and current. A simple total black or total white look is enough to give character to your outfit, perhaps combined with a blazer, bag or shoes!

If, on the other hand, you can't wait to wear the shoes of the iconic Barbie, you can focus on a suit, easy to use then broken or a slip dress (very popular model).

Even beauty is tinged with pink with BarbieCore

Margot Robbie inspires the looks for the current season, with bubblegum-colored lips, to be spread in a marked way or by dabbing lipstick on the lips to light them up without defining them too much.

Even eyeliner and mascara cannot be missing, opening up the gaze and recalling the Mattel doll in all respects. It goes without saying that there will be no shortage of glittery pink eyeshadows, pop colors full of pigment, a veil of blush and why not, for those who love to use false eyelashes with more structured looks.

Obviously the base must be perfect, luminous but absolutely light, impalpable, as for the Clean Aesthetic Makeup , even more so if you want to opt for bold looks with a great impact.

To obtain a perfect base, after a rigorous skincare, prepare the skin with an illuminating cream in order to give a natural radiance to the face, and camouflage any imperfections or discolorations with a veil of concealer or a light foundation. At this point, a veil of face powder and a pinch of blush will make the base extremely natural and day-proof.

If you're a hot pink lipstick lover and can't wait to wear it, don't forget to deeply moisturize your lips with a specific balm that also helps make-up hold.

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