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Under-makeup: everything you need to know to prepare your skin for makeup

Any make-up enthusiast has surely heard of under-makeup, that is the step that precedes make-up and prepares our skin in the best possible way.

Over the years, in fact, make-up has become part of our everyday life, genderless and ready to enhance our strengths with the right play of chiaroscuro, open our eyes with a veil of mascara and camouflage small imperfections with a touch of corrector.

However, make-up is also a way to express ourselves, to play with colors and to give personality to our look by emphasizing our emotions and mood.

What should I use to prepare my skin for make-up?

Is good skincare enough for me or does my skin need very specific products such as face primers? Should the primer be applied after or instead of the face cream? And if I prefer a natural look, which products should I use?

These are some of the most popular questions on the subject and, for this reason, we will try to answer the various questions by providing you with a mini-guide that allows you to independently choose a beauty routine that suits your needs without too many unnecessary steps.

Under-makeup VS skincare routine

The skin-prep products are not necessarily the ones you use in your daily skincare: in fact, during your beauty routine there is likely to be some product that is too rich or full-bodied which, if it goes well with your evening skincare, does not it adapts very well to the hold and the yield of the make-up.

In short, the skincare routine with all its magical steps is perfect for the evening, to pamper the skin and regenerate it at its best during the night, but if you want to streamline the steps in the morning by taking care of your skin and putting on make-up quickly, you absolutely must choose products specific for skin-prep.

Under-makeup: everything you need to know to prepare your skin for makeup

Primer and under-makeup: are they the same thing?

Until recently, the primer was one for all: silicone, planing and mattifying. If you wanted a primer, whether your skin was combination or dry, this one passed the convent.

Over time, fortunately, primers have begun to be thought of no longer as a mere face base but as an ally capable of satisfying the needs of any skin type. Here, then, is the introduction to the concept of under-makeup: high-performance products, capable of combining the best of skincare benefits with the long-lasting action of classic face primers.

This current trend of taking care of our skin hasn't always been so obvious. Until thirty years ago, in fact, make-up was applied directly to the skin, so much so that the foundation, in its few colours, was the first product in contact with the skin. In addition to the clear gap between the neck and the face that still causes us some shivers today, this type of beauty routine promoted the obstruction of pores, the involuntary appearance of brown spots on the skin and, not to miss out on anything, acneic breakouts.
Preparing the skin properly was a sort of secret that bound the elite of make-up artists who had been using products and techniques for a long time to improve the yield and performance of make-up.

Subsequently, through social media, YouTube in particular, many students and make-up enthusiasts transmitted their knowledge on the subject and their beauty tips to their own communities, making this magical product emerge from the darkness: the primer. Although this was something revolutionary, the primer only acted as a base without guaranteeing a real shield from pigments and impurities. This is where under-makeup products come into play, capable of protecting the face and making it more uniform while respecting the needs of one's skin. Their being a hybrid between primer and skincare has made them highly performing and curative products, now must-haves.

Which under-makeup products are best to use?

The best thing to do is listen to your skin's needs:

- If you feel tight, dehydrated and/or flaky skin, opt for a moisturizing and/or nourishing product, capable of defending your skin from external agents and giving it all the comfort it needs.

Under-makeup everything you need to know to prepare your skin for makeup


- If, on the other hand, you notice clarity and/or imperfections on your face, choose an opacifying product capable of minimizing and reducing small skin imperfections.

Under-makeup and skin prep

In the photo: ONLY MATTE , PLUS LIFT

- Finally, if your skin appears dull and lacking in tone, opt for formulas capable of giving the face a relaxed, fresh and radiant appearance.

Under makeup and skin prep


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