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Sweet almond oil: the protagonist of our body line

Believe it or not, sweet almond oil is one of the most used active ingredients in the cosmetic market.

Completely vegetable and obtained from the cold pressing of the oily seeds of the sweet almond tree, this precious beauty ally is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin B and E, and promises softer skin and an effective pro-aging action .

In fact, its properties are really many if you want to take care of your skin, from head to toe.

The properties of sweet almond oil

  • Thanks to its emollient action, this oil intensely hydrates the skin, also soothing any inflammation, so much so that it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin;
  • Its antioxidant and regenerating properties make it an excellent ally to prevent and counteract the appearance of the first signs of aging and any skin blemishes;
  • Thanks to its acidic composition it manages to integrate very well with the hydrolipidic film of the skin, helping to protect it, nourish it and hinder the evaporation of skin water.


The importance of bodycare in your beauty routine

There are those who dedicate themselves to bodycare every day and those who only remember to take care of their bodies when the summer begins. Although many facial care gestures have turned into real rituals that we carry out all year round, morning and evening, body care always takes a back seat. After all, who can honestly say to put on body cream after every shower?

Just as skincare relaxes us and makes us feel beautiful, body care should and does the same: a nice shower or a bath with our DOLCE ALMOND bubble bath nourishing before going to bed it promotes relaxation and rest while hydrating and nourishing the skin with our DOLCE ALMOND restructuring body cream will allow you to give yourself a moment of not only physical well-being, due to the massage, but also mental. Try building a small body routine made up of our three essential steps, you'll see that it will help you see and feel better about yourself right away.

DOLCE ALMOND: the body line you absolutely must try

From dry to more sensitive skin, our body line DOLCE ALMOND, enriched with sweet almond oil, is perfect for take care of the skin in a few simple steps designed to make your bodycare routine the perfect combination of pampering and effectiveness.

For its formulation, in fact, we have chosen only vegan friendly and extremely delicate ingredients:

  • Betaine: an extremely delicate ingredient, capable of deeply hydrating the skin and rebalancing the correct pH.
  • Shea butter: excellent for providing the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients useful for the production of collagen.
  • Argan oil: known for its antioxidant and soothing properties, it helps prevent the aging of skin tissues and counteract the action of free radicals, making the skin soft and supple.
  • Jojoba oil: with a composition very similar to the oil naturally produced by the skin, it is perfect for gently moisturizing the skin.
  • Honeysuckle extract: source of constant hydration and natural antibacterial, it helps improve skin tone and protect it from free radicals.

When and how to use the body scrub

Regular use of our DOLCE ALMOND illuminating body scrub, once or twice a week, helps improve skin texture skin, making it immediately smoother and more compact. Furthermore, thanks to its special composition based on almond-based microgranules and sweet almond oil, it gives your skin a pleasant sensation of comfort and renewal.

After moistening the body, take a quantity of scrub suitable for the part of the body to be treated and gently massage the area. The microgranules and sweet almond oil, in synergy with the water, will make the exfoliating action effective but super delicate.

The importance of good cleansing

What's better than a creamy texture and the irresistible and delicate scent of almonds to transform your daily shower into a pampering? Our DOLCE ALMOND nourishing shower gel, enriched with a perfect mix of sweet almond, jojoba and argan oil, restores the skin's nutrients making it softer, hydrated and soothed day after day for new skin in no time

Remember not to use water that is too hot as it could burn your skin: the sauna effect is fine, but don't overdo it!

Body cream: why use it

Nourishing and hydrating the skin is something essential for our skin and just as we do it with our face we should always do it with our body: for this reason our DOLCE ALMOND restructuring body cream, enriched with sweet almond, jojoba and argan oil, it is perfect to be applied every day Quickly absorbed, and therefore perfect for dressing immediately afterwards, but with a pleasantly creamy texture, it restores and improves the texture of the skin making it visibly soft and velvety from the first application.

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