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The 10 mistakes you may make in your beauty routine

It happens to everyone, even the most experienced in the field, to make some trivial mistake in their skincare. Sometimes these are the result of lack of knowledge, distraction or simple laziness and, unfortunately, they interfere - unknowingly - with our beauty routine.

Do you think your skincare is perfect? Let's see together what are the 10 mistakes you may make in your beauty routine .

You don't wash your hands before starting your beauty routine

It happens more often than you might think! Whether it's due to haste or tiredness, it's very likely that you too have started removing make-up from your face without washing your hands first. We must not forget that our hands often come into contact with dirty objects, even when we are at home! A small gesture that takes up little time and avoids the nonsense of cleansing your face without having your hands clean.

You don't wear make-up well or you do it the wrong way

Not removing make-up properly is a very common mistake and if we add to this the fact that we often use products that are not suitable for the make-up we wear, the mistake is immediately served.

During the night the skin regenerates itself and the obstruction of the pores and the proliferation of bacteria certainly do not help this process. Using a make-up remover that is not effective enough to dissolve our make-up and proper cleansing to remove its residues therefore lead, in the long run, to the formation of comedones and other imperfections.

As for removing make-up incorrectly, we must remember that using a make-up remover wipe or a cotton pad soaked in micellar or biphasic water - perhaps without even rinsing - are not enough to effectively remove make-up! In fact, the make-up remover will also remove our make-up but at the same time spread its residues all over the face! This is why a cleanser is essential within our beauty routine.

Your beauty routine? All you need is soap and water

You are a practical person and you use the same soap that you use to wash your hands also to cleanse your face. Maybe just the classic Marseille soap! These types of soaps are too harsh for the skin and remove the skin's hydrolipidic protections. No! Tight skin is not a sign of clean skin!

Nor is it worth the belief that in the morning all you need is a good rinse of the face with water alone! In addition to eliminating the residues of the products applied the evening before, morning cleansing will also help you remove dirt, such as the dust that settles on the face at night, and the sebum produced by the skin which generally increases during night rest.

You use the same towel that you use for your hands for your face and then rub your skin with it

It's important to dedicate one of our towels solely to our skincare! Using a single towel, in fact, we transfer the bacteria - even more if wet - from the hands to the skin of the face.

Furthermore, after cleansing it is very important to gently dab the face, allowing the towel to absorb excess water without being aggressive. In fact, rubbing the skin could cause annoying irritation and redness.

You apply products that are not suitable for your skin type

We've all bought skincare products without knowing our skin type. This is exactly why it's important to recognize the needs of our skin! An example? Have you ever bought too rich a cream at the first sign of dehydrated skin? Or the first pimple to buy products suitable for oily skin? Remember that having skin with a few small imperfections doesn't necessarily mean it's oily!

Wrong steps of your skincare

Maybe you are of the belief that your beauty routine is perfect but on closer inspection you may discover that it is not quite so. In fact, your entire skincare routine may not be as effective if you get the products in the wrong order, regardless of their quality. The application of products in layers, if done incorrectly, could prevent the correct absorption of the active ingredients by the skin.

Recap: in general, the cleansing routine is started with a specific cleanser and then the tonic , then moving on to the subsequent treatments starting from the lightest to the heaviest. The order should be face serum, eye contour , cream and then, just at the end, face oil.

Beauty tip: in the case of serums enriched with acids it is better to apply the eye contour first so that they do not go carelessly into the eye area.

You use different products all the time

If you are a great lover of skincare, you have certainly tried and tried different cleansers, creams and masks, without thinking too much about it.

As much as you may like the idea of ​​always trying new products, remember that some treatments can take up to a month or more of use to see any difference, to add continuous use to maintain results. Remaining faithful to the same product, therefore, in addition to avoiding excessively stimulating the skin with different active ingredients, perhaps making it react with irritations and impurities, pays off much more: the active ingredients contained will act better and the results will last longer.

You exfoliate your face too much or too little

How constant are you in exfoliating your face? The peeling or scrub you want for the face is one of the most important steps to keep the skin always clean and bright.

Between not using an exfoliant and abusing it, of course, the step is short! Suddenly subjecting the skin to this type of treatment could lead to the removal of the protective barrier of the face, exposing it to damage from external agents such as redness, spots, imperfections, dehydrated and sensitized skin.

Exfoliate your face once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, with a delicate product.

Beauty tip: prefer chemical exfoliation or an enzymatic scrub to a mechanical one and don't forget that homemade remedies are not allowed: coarse salt and the like can only produce micro-abrasions!

Your skincare stops at the chin

Needless to deny it, your skincare most likely ends on the chin. Yet, if you think about it, neck and décolleté if neglected will soon be able to scream your age, especially when compared to the well-kept skin of the face. Force yourself to continue your beauty routine even from the chin down and not just with a veil of cream from time to time!

You don't clean your make-up tools properly

We must always dedicate a few minutes of our time to wash the different tools we use to make up. Using the same brushes every day, dirty with color and dust, especially if exposed to direct contact with the air, involves applying not only the product to our face but also the dirt.

Arm yourself with healthy patience and carefully clean brushes and sponges with neutral soap and warm water, your skin will thank you!

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