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Long and thick eyelashes: here's how to have them

We know it well, the look is one of the greatest strengths, especially if framed by long and thick eyelashes capable of making our eyes look like doe eyes. The luckiest ones already have them naturally – chapeau! – but if you too have not received this gift, how can you make your gaze captivating?

Let's see together all the methods to have long and thick eyelashes, with and without make-up!

The beauty routine to take care of it

The beauty routine to take care of it

If long and thick eyelashes you want to get… some attention you must have! Lashes, in fact, need constant care in order to be valued to the fullest. To maximize the effect of any product and remedy, you must therefore have some small precautions to include in your beauty routine:

  • Carefully remove your eye make-up using delicate, water- and/or oil-based products. If you use a micellar or biphasic make-up remover, soak two cotton pads in the product and place them on your eyes for a few seconds. At this point, gently remove the disks with small downward zig-zag movements. If you use a make-up remover oil or butter instead, when you remove make-up from the eye area, gently massage the product into the area by applying light pressure on the eyelashes.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara, especially if removing make-up is not one of your favorite activities – very, very bad! In fact, these mascaras are formulated to last a long time and are much more difficult to remove.
  • Don't use the eyelash curler every day but try to limit its use to avoid stressing and weakening the eyelashes.

Serums and primers to have long and thick eyelashes

Serums and primers to have long and thick eyelashes

One of the ways to have long and thick eyelashes is to constantly use specific serums that can nourish the eyelashes and stimulate their growth. Often, these contain vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other substances that, when used over a long period of time (from 4 weeks to 6 months), help stimulate growth and nourish them.

Another precious ally is the eyelash primer, transparent or white, which is applied to the eyelashes before the mascara. This, when applied correctly, not only strengthens and lengthens the lashes giving more volume but also helps make your favorite mascara long lasting.

Perfect lashes with mascara

Perfect lashes with mascara

If you want to get the most out of your mascara for long and thick eyelashes, we have a few little tricks to suggest:

  • Before application, use a good eyelash curler (remember not to use it every day!);
  • Use a primer as a first step, carefully combing the lashes:
  • Apply mascara by looking down and lifting the upper eyelid slightly. Proceed with a zig-zag movement at the base to give volume and then cover the length by combing the lashes. Be careful: this technique doesn't always go well with all mascaras, so always pay attention to the formula!
  • Gently place the brush on the tip of the lashes to perfectly color the ends;
  • Apply the mascara to the lower lash line using the applicator vertically to give more definition.
  • Remove any smudges with a cotton swab, being careful to wait for the mascara to dry completely.

The TikTok trend to try

The TikTok trend to try

The trend of "dirtying" eyelashes with concealer and then wiping the mascara wand soaked in product and powder to have spectacular eyelashes is depopulated.

If you feel you have enough courage to try it, we suggest two versions, an easier one and a "pro level", so you can decide which one is the most suitable for you!

The lighter version involves a first draft of your usual mascara, a swipe of powder when it is still damp, perhaps with the help of a blending brush, and then immediately giving it a second swipe.

For a more structured one, however, we recommend using an old mascara brush after having carefully cleaned it, so as not to affect the formula of the one you are using. Having said that, let's see what are the steps to follow for this trend:

  • Use the eyelash curler to give curvature to the eyelashes and open the gaze;
  • With a sponge or brush, "dirty" the eyelashes with concealer or foundation. This step will allow you to create a base and make the lashes more full-bodied, immediately giving volume;
  • Powder your lashes well and remove the excess product.
  • Take your mascara wand soaked in product and swipe it over your lashes to finish off your makeup look. Be careful when drafting to avoid unsightly white dots remaining.

Remember many TikTok trends can be as fun as they are harmful! Always be very careful before trying them, even more so if the area of ​​interest is the ocular and periocular area.

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