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Mask acne: what it is and how to treat it

What is mask acne

If you have noticed the sudden appearance of redness, irritation and acne on your face, especially in the cheeks, nose and chin area, it is very likely that you suffer from mask acne.

This, also known as "maskne", from the fusion of the words mask and acne, is a real dermatitis caused by prolonged use of the mask.

The part of the face covered, in fact, is not only subjected to continuous rubbing but also to excessive humidity of the part with a consequent greater proliferation of bacteria that cause acne.
Sensitive skins are most affected , oily and who have already suffered from acne in the past: if the former may notice localized redness and irritation, the most impure skins can have real outbreaks with blackheads, pimples and cysts.

Mask acne: the causes

acne da mascherina rimedi

One of the main causes of mask acne is attributable to the type of protective device used and the material it is made of. The mask, in fact, by its occlusive nature, creates excessive humidity in the covered area due to respiratory acts which, through heat, promotes the spread of bacteria and / or yeasts. This occlusion allows dirt and sebum to accumulate and can progressively worsen in the presence of any lesions that allow them to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Anti mask acne products

SOS MASKNE soothing kit

The kit contains all the essential products to regenerate and restore the skin in all delicacy.

  • The REGENERATING FACIAL TONER with blueberry extract - completes cleansing and revitalizes the skin thanks to its astringent and soothing properties. Suitable for all skin types, it helps restore the skin and remove all traces of impurities.
  • NEW SKIN enzymatic exfoliating face scrub - is a delicate enzymatic peeling capable of regenerating the skin without attacking it. In addition to effectively and gently exfoliating the skin, it eliminates impurities and helps minimize imperfections.
  • ACQUA BOOST moisturizing face mask - a multi-purpose face mask with a fresh gel texture: thanks to its sebum-regulating, calming and rebalancing properties, it is perfect to be used as a serum, to offer greater hydration during the day, or as a mask to restore the correct pH of the skin and give a pleasant sensation of comfort.
  • VERY FRESH moisturizing primer stick - the only multitasking stick capable of moisturizing, refreshing and preparing the skin for make-up. Its light texture, rapidly absorbed, makes it a smart product to always carry with you to keep the skin soft and fresh.

How to use products for mask

To take care of your skin and restore it it is very important to be constant and not to use too aggressive products.

A fundamental step concerns cleansing: after using a specific cleanser for your skin type and using a face tonic with astringent and soothing properties, capable of revitalizing the skin.

The same goes for skin hydration: it must be both emollient and light to protect the skin from further abrasions.


During the day:


Useful habits against mask acne

  • Change the mask regularly to limit the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Never touch your face with dirty hands.
  • Apply specific acne products locally.
  • Limits the use of make-up such as foundation or concealers that could potentially be comedogenic, clog pores and worsen the condition of the mask.

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