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20 bad habits that make your skin age faster

Did you know that there are so many things we do every day that contribute to skin aging? We have found 20 bad habits that make your skin age faster.

After all, if you could wake up tomorrow with the superpower of turning back time, wouldn't you immediately take advantage of it to save yourself a few years?

A bit of healthy honesty: although the aging process is natural and physiological, it still causes a bit of anxiety: from the first signs of expression to wrinkles, we know that to reverse everything, if you don't love each other too much of strategic punctures, we can only rely on prevention.

Let's make a small premise: growing old is part of the course of our lives and is a fascinating process in itself, mainly linked to genetic factors and which can be accentuated and accelerated by various external factors.

But if we really wanted to delay aging as much as possible, what exactly should we do? Find out by continuing to read!

What type of skin ages first?

20 brutte abitudini che fanno invecchiare la pelle più in fretta

Among all types of skin, the one that ages first is dry skin. And for once oily skins are thankful.

Already thin and often not very plumped, the condition of dry skin worsens over time due to a reduction in the activity of the sebaceous glands. This leads the skin to flake more easily, to be drier and less protected from external agents.

Furthermore, this is also accompanied by a lower production of collagen, an elastic and resistant protein, located in the deepest skin layer, or the dermis, which is essential for maintaining firm, compact and elastic skin. This, in fact, has the function of cementing the cells of the skin tissues, acting as a real "scaffolding". Once it disappears, thanks also to the force of gravity, the skin marks itself, bringing to light expression lines and wrinkles.

What foods make you age?

20 brutte abitudini che fanno invecchiare la pelle più in fretta

Even if there are no foods that in themselves make us age, leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is certainly essential to prevent aging

Always remember that, as in all things, you need to try to find your own balance, where nutrition, physical activity and rest contribute to maintaining our state of health at its best.

  • Limit foods that are too caloric and have undergone a lot of industrial processing
  • If you eat grilled meat, try to avoid the black and burnt parts which, as they contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, could lead to damage to the collagen.
  • Moderate your consumption of sweets: their high sugar content causes the sugar molecules to combine with proteins, damaging the skin's collagen.
  • Be careful with hydrogenated fats! In addition to being dangerous for the health of our body, they promote skin aging by making the skin more vulnerable to UV rays.

What to eat to avoid aging?

20 brutte abitudini che fanno invecchiare la pelle più in fretta

We do not recommend following a diet, especially if not supervised by a specialist such as a dietician or nutritionist, with the mere aim of "not getting old", but to include some key foods in your normal diet. 

  • Fit up on fruit and vegetables, especially if they are in season, because they are essential for our well-being and rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants.
  • In your shopping, include many fresh foods that have undergone little industrial processing.
  • Praise white meats - no more than once a day - and the consumption of fish (or other protein alternatives such as eggs, legumes or light cheeses) to red meats
  • Choose to season your dishes with spices and herbs to limit the consumption of salt.

20 bad habits that make you age

20 brutte abitudini che fanno invecchiare la pelle più in fretta

Let's get to the heart of the matter: now that I know what is healthier to eat and what is not, what are the daily habits that can help my skin age faster?

Let's find out immediately the 20 bad habits that make the skin age:

  • Not knowing your skin type
  • If you don't know your skin type and its needs, it is very likely that you may run into some beauty error or use some active ingredient that is not suitable for you which will inevitably lead to the skin appearing more marked and to age prematurely. Not sure what your skin type is? Take our skin quiz now to find out which products are best suited for you!

  • Stay up late
  • It is essential to sleep at least an average of seven hours a night. If you stay up late often, not only will your skin appear duller, with bags and dark circles, but you won't even allow it to regenerate adequately. The cells, in fact, work on a circadian rhythm just like the sleep/wake rhythm and only during the night does the correct oxygenation of the tissues and the normal cell turnover take place.

  • Use household linen with stiff and rough fabrics
  • Prefer sheets and pillowcases in delicate fabrics such as, for example, silk: in this way you will avoid finding unpleasant "marks" and "folds" on your face in the morning, especially if you tend to sleep with your face pressed against the pillow.

  • High levels of stress
  • In case you weren't aware of it, stress, in addition to making us age overall, also affects the skin: try to allow yourself moments of relaxation every day to dedicate only to yourself without thinking about your daily worries.

  • Use sunscreen only at sea
  • Sunscreen should be used every day and in every season to defend your skin from ultraviolet rays which, present all year round, lead to a greater production of free radicals and damage to the collagen fibers in the dermis.

  • Go to bed without removing make-up
  • In general, it is one of the worst beauty habits: leaving make-up, sebum and smog deposited on the face can not only cause the appearance of imperfections but also do not allow the correct oxygenation and regeneration of the skin, leading the skin to age prematurely.

  • Constancy with your own beauty routine
  • Try to be consistent with your beauty routine. In case you find yourself in a moment of great stress where skin care is your last thought, simplify the steps of your skin-prep and limit yourself to using a cleanser and a face cream suitable for your skin type.

  • Never exfoliate your skin
  • Skin exfoliation, best done with an enzymatic exfoliator, more delicate than the different types of peeling, will help you promote the regeneration process of the skin, making it smooth, luminous and soft.

  • Prefer tamponade to scrubbing
  • After cleansing your face or taking a shower, remember to pat your skin dry with a towel without rubbing.In fact, this last action, if repeated constantly, leads to marking the face prematurely and giving it a more agée

  • High consistency of alcohol and perfumes in its cosmetics
  • A high percentage of alcohol or perfume in a cosmetic can help your skin age faster. These not only can sensitize the skin considerably but also tend to increase its dryness making the skin visibly more marked. How to understand if these substances are found in high percentages in your cosmetic product? Always carefully read the INCI of your product and if you see the words "Alcohol Denat", "Ethanol”, “SD Alcohol” or “Parfum ” in the first six ingredients it is better to start looking for an alternative product for your skin.

  • Do not use the eye contour
  • It is commonly believed that the eye contour is a superfluous product while, on the other hand, the constant hydration of the eye area with products rich in emollient and/or pro-aging active ingredients will help you treat blemishes such as bags, dark circles and signs of aging.

  • Do not wear sunglasses
  • How many times have you instinctively squinted because of too strong a light? Be careful and protect your gaze: the repetition of the movement will tire the muscles around the eyes, causing fine lines around the eyes where the skin is already very thin and delicate.

  • Do not use Undermakeup
  • To keep a younger look for a long time you can't give up the Undermakeup, our line of products that combines the aesthetic effect you need both the properties of a primer and a formula rich in natural active ingredients useful for the skin and capable of acting as a barrier between you and everything that will come into contact with your skin afterwards.

  • Pay no attention to pollution
  • Environmental pollution is one of the main causes of premature ageing. Its effects not only affect your body, but also your skin. The visible aspects of pollutants translate into sensitized, reactive, dry skin but also with evident rashes, as well as an acceleration of the appearance of the signs of aging.

  • Smoking
  • Very dangerous vice for your health, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients necessary to keep your skin naturally healthy and active in enzymes that can compromise its elasticity.

  • Thinking that blue light is not harmful
  • If you also spend a good part of the day in front of the screen of your PC or mobile phone, you absolutely must know how harmful this habit is.

    Blue light, a natural component of solar radiation, is part of visible light and is characterized by a longer wavelength than ultraviolet rays. If the one that arrives naturally is relatively weak, the one emanating from our technological devices has an intensity up to a thousand times higher than what is considered the "visual comfort" threshold.

  • Drink little water
  • It is very important to drink plenty of water during the day and not just for the functioning of our body. In fact, water is particularly hydrating and allows you, in the long run, to have brighter and plumper skin.Furthermore, it is very rich in mineral salts and trace elements which are essential and very effective against skin aging

  • To exaggerate with alcoholic beverages
  • Did you know that alcoholic beverages significantly reduce the antioxidant levels of your skin? This translates into a lower ability to be able to counteract the action of free radicals, responsible for skin aging. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages help dehydrate the epidermis, making it dull and dry.

  • Having an unbalanced diet
  • It is useless to dwell, as we have already said, it is very important that you have a lifestyle where nutrition, physical activity and rest contribute to maintaining your state of health at its best.  

  • Facing a too drastic diet
  • A too drastic diet can lead to real facial sagging, particularly if your diet was deficient in healthy fats. Foods containing Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, such as salmon, oily fish or dried fruit, are excellent allies for keeping the skin soft and supple.


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