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Back to school: how to prepare your skin when you return from vacation

Like every year, after the holidays, we prepare for Back to school - or back to work, the term generally used to return to school or work at the top after returning from the summer holidays.

Even if we all want an endless summer, September is a month of recovery where we set ourselves new goals and new challenges, and why not face this moment to upgrade your beauty routine and more?

The essential steps for a Back to school beauty

The essential steps for a Back to school beauty

Perfect skin is everyone's dream, tanned, luminous and without imperfections, but also ready to face the imminent change of season.

But what should we change, therefore, within our own beauty routine? The keywords for Back to school are exfoliation, hydration and luminosity.

Discover all the steps for an incredible Back to school :

  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Let's immediately dispel a false myth: the tan does not disappear with the use of an exfoliating product but, on the contrary, it is brighter and more homogeneous, ensuring that the last rays of the sun warm up our complexion without unsightly spots!

    Therefore, prepare your skin using a rigorously delicate scrub for face and body : this, used once or twice a week, depending on your needs and your skin type, will remove dead cells and eliminate dull complexion and dull appearance that often characterizes tanned skin.

  • One shot hydration and luminosity
  • After the exfoliation, given the greater receptivity of the skin, a moisturizing and/or illuminating face mask cannot be missing .

    Prefer masks containing soothing active ingredients and antioxidants so as to show off visibly plumped and luminous skin almost instantly.

  • The return of face cream as a must have
  • If in the summer you have often skipped the step of the moisturizer for the heat, now is the time to reintroduce it to full capacity in your beauty routine. Abandon the super light textures of serums and choose a 2in1 primer cream for the day, rich in moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients, and a richer cream for the evening, capable of restoring the skin from summer dehydration.

    Don't forget that moisturizer is also for the body! After each shower, apply a generous amount of body cream to keep the skin soft, supple and make the tan last longer.

    Back to school 2022: the evolution of no make-up make-up

    Back to school 2022: the evolution of no make-up make-up

    Back to school has always provided for a minimal and super bright look with a no make-up make-up effect. This year, simultaneously with the return from vacation, the classic no make-up make-up is making an upgrade, depopulating on TikTok as a new trend called Clean Aesthetic Makeup .

    The steps are always very easy and still aim to highlight our natural beauty but still with an extra touch.

    Skincare practically does the final result: the skin, put in the foreground, must be perfect and radiant and plumped.

    The trend involves the use of a bb cream or a very light foundation to be applied in the areas where the skin needs to be uniformed and a corrector - expertly dosed - only in the case of some imperfections.

    A veil of powder is enough to fix everything, in order to keep the base perfect and at the same time luminous.

    At this point you can proceed with a pearly blush to give the face a healthy look and a touch of highlighter, even in cream if you want an even more glowy effect.

    Blush and bronzer also become eyeshadows, coloring the mobile eyelid or the crease of the eye, and creating a discreet but highly effective ton sur ton look, also enhanced by one of the most popular make-up products: mascara.

    Black or brown, lengthening or volumizing, it is perfect for highlighting the eyes and framing the gaze together with natural eyebrows brushed with a transparent or colored gel depending on your needs.

    The final touch is given by a pink veil on the lips that you can create with a nude lipstick , outlining the lips with a nude pencil and using a lip balm or a lipgloss.

    Aesthetic make-up thus becomes a super wearable look, simple but with a touch of glam that makes it sophisticated.

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