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Eye contour: I don't fear you anymore!

The first area that reveals the signs of aging, including fine lines, bags and dark circles, the eye contour is one of the thinnest and most sensitive areas of the body. In this area, which extends from the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, and also includes the browbone, the skin is up to 10 times thinner, does not have as many sebaceous glands and collagen as the rest of the face and is in constant movement: from laughter to crying, from facial expressions to blinking, the 20 muscles of this area are constantly placed under great stress, so to speak.

The main problems of the eye contour

The main problems of the eye contour
  • Dryness: with age, the skin around the eyes, if not well hydrated, tends to lose its natural elasticity and show the first signs of expression. Precisely for this reason it is essential not to underestimate the hydration of the area in your beauty routine since the age of 25. After all, prevention is always better than cure!
  • Wrinkles: with the loss of elastin and collagen, which our body is no longer able to produce as we age, the skin tends to become even thinner and to mark itself very easily. Naturally the aging process is not irreversible but with some small precautions it is possible to slow down its appearance. Some examples may be the correct and constant removal of make-up before going to sleep, using a specific product to moisturize the area, sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night, moderating sun exposure and leading a healthy lifestyle and balanced.
  • Dark circles: present in the lower eyelid around the eyes, this blemish tends to increase with age, giving the gaze a dull and tired look. If these often depend on genetic factors, however, it should be considered that there are 2 different types: the purple-bluish ones, due to a bad microcirculation in the periocular area, are common in people with a light complexion; while beige / brown ones, caused by a greater production of melanin in this area, are more common in those with medium and dark complexions.
  • Bags and swelling: small swelling present in the lower eyelid around the eyes, they can be due to exogenous factors such as stress or lack of sleep, but also endogenous ones such as aging, where the loss of tone and elasticity of the area leads the skin to relax .

How to firm the skin around the eyes?

How to firm the skin around the eyes?

Precisely because prevention is better than cure, one of the suggestions for firming the eye contour is to practice from an early age with some facial yoga exercises to be performed during our skincare routine and which can easily be integrated into the beauty routine without taking away too much time.

Naturally there are several exercises of this type, dedicated to the specific areas to be treated. In particular, to firm the eye contour, there is a specific exercise to strengthen and tone the orbicularis oculi muscles, in order to firm up the lower parts and improve their appearance. The exercise, which also helps in the case of swelling and bags, consists in tensing the lower eyelid and positioning the index fingers , positioning the index fingers on the outer sides of the eye and the middle fingers inside. At this point, with the index fingers, gently pull the skin towards the temples, creating the "almond-shaped eyes" effect. Given the difficulty in maintaining the position, it is advisable to perform the exercise for 8-10 seconds and repeat the exercise about 10 times.

How to lift eyelids without surgery?

How to lift eyelids without surgery?

As you age, you can experience the dreaded droopy eyelids.

Fortunately, even in this case, this imperfection, which consists in a partial lowering of the upper eyelids, can be prevented by practicing some facial yoga exercises capable of giving the gaze a younger and lifted look.

There are three very effective exercises to lift the eyelid.

The first, very simple and specific for toning the area around the eyelids, consists in placing two fingers of each hand on each temple and lightly touching the skin towards the ears, quickly opening and closing the eyes.

The second, on the other hand, consists in placing the index and middle finger of the hands under the eyebrow arches creating a sort of V. At this point the eyebrow is pushed up, continuing the exercise about 10 times, alternating moments of pause.

Finally, the third involves placing two or three fingers of each hand under the eyebrow arches in order to gently push them towards each other. Keep the forehead muscles tense without creating marked signs of expression and repeat the exercise 10 times.

What is good for the eye area?

What is good for the eye area?

There are a few steps and small tricks to keep the eye contour youthful and look fresh and rested:

  • Always remember to remove make-up well before going to bed, removing all residues (especially if you use waterproof make-up).
  • Moisturize the eye area morning and evening by applying a specific product, preferably preferring an eye contour with moisturizing, nourishing active ingredients and antioxidant and elasticising substances.
  • Try to sleep 7-8 hours every night: if it's nice to stay up late, it's also nice to have a fresh and rested look.
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet, rich in antioxidants, and practice face-training exercises during your beauty routine to prevent signs of aging and also treat yourself to a relaxing massage, which doesn't hurt.

Specific beauty routine for the eye area

Specific beauty routine for the eye area

In the morning always cleanse your face with a delicate face cleanser , apply the tonic and continue with your eye contour. Only at this point can you apply any serums, your face cream and your favorite undermakeup product.

For the day, especially if you suffer from bags or dark circles, use an illuminating or refreshing eye contour to improve their appearance.

In the evening, cleanse your face well and be sure to remove all makeup residues, especially if you use water-resistant products. Again, continue with the tonic and a richer and more emollient eye contour. While applying it, perform some specific face-training exercises for the eye area. Finish with your favorite serum and face cream and the beauty routine is done!

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