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You deserve a Glow Up Baby! Follow these tips

With summer you want to change, and what's better than Glow Up? If you too want to get back on track for the summer return, you can only find out everything there is to know about Glow Up and follow all our advice!

But let's start from the basics, what is Glow Up? How did this trend become so popular on various social networks, especially TikTok, and what does it consist of?
Continue reading, we'll explain it to you!

What is a glow up?

Ti meriti un Glow Up Baby! Segui questi consigli

The origin of this term is due to the 2013 song "Gotta Glo Up One Day" by rapper Chief Keef which combines glowing, in the sense of shining, with that of growing, therefore growing or growing up, and is essentially the version 2.0 of the photos we know well as before and after.

How many times have we seen challenge photos in magazines, the internet and social networks – do you remember the one launched on Instagram where two photos were shared ten years apart? - and not only in which more or less famous characters showed their radical change?

With the viralization of this term, the expression, which literally means "to shine intensely", but used in slang to indicate an upgrade, has thus become synonymous with physical and mental change, spurring anyone who undertakes it to feel better about yourself.

Glow Up the trend of Tik Tok

On TikTok, Glow Up could only become one of the most viral trends: thousands of users publish videos of personal transformations every day and which show a significant change, from a make-up capable of changing the connotations to a radical change hairstyle and so on.

On TikTok it is possible to admire different types of Glow Ups that show, even with the help of strategic filters, radical transformations in the field of make-up and beyond.

The videos related to make-up are certainly among the most viral

fabiola baglieri glow up

Ling glow up

but also videos related to a radical physical transformation

lozmchf glow up

How long does it take to make a glow up?

In reality, there is no set period of time to do a Glow Up, both because each person aims for a certain type of extremely personal aesthetic result, from a haircut to a different type of make-up, from dermatological treatment due to acne to a slimming diet, and due to the constancy of the person himself in undertaking this upgrade process.

Consistency is the key to achieving your goal, step by step. Create a to do list with deadlines (obviously the times will have to be reasonable) and try to respect them each time. In this way it will be easier to reach the goal and embark on a more mature and aware emotional path on the change that is being implemented.

From the aesthetic to the mental aspect, the steps for the Glow Up

Ti meriti un Glow Up Baby! Segui questi consigli

As we said, the Glow Up implies a personal transformation but, unlike what viral videos show on TikTok, not exclusively physical. Whatever your personal goal, it will also have implications on the emotional sphere, giving you a way to be more attractive and confident.

The Glow Up, in fact, as a term does not expect to be used with a negative meaning but aims to achieve a psychophysical state where we feel good about ourselves positively. If you want to implement it in the most correct way, you have to start from small gestures for personal care until you reach your goal, rigorously step by step.

Discover the right steps to start your Glow Up

Ti meriti un Glow Up Baby! Segui questi consigli

  • You would like to change your hair color and maybe change your cut but you've never felt like it.Now is that moment: don't forget that changing your hair is the simplest and first way to completely change your look. Ask your trusted hairdresser for advice on cut and color so that the result can fully enhance you.
  • Take care of your skin by following the skincare that best suits your skin type and needs. Beautiful, luminous and smooth skin will immediately make you more confident. Therefore, never neglect the use of a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer and a face scrub.
  • In case of problems such as dermatitis or severe forms of acne, do not adopt do-it-yourself techniques but consult a dermatologist first.
  • Take care of your body: practice regular physical activity, walk a lot and try to find time 2 or 3 times a week to do some exercise, at home or outdoors. At the same time, start paying the right attention to your body skin: start with the essential steps such as a body scrub and body cream, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, and you'll feel better right away.
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet: regardless of whether you want to gain or lose weight, it will help you feel better about your body. If you want to follow a slimming or, conversely, weight gain diet, remember to always contact a specialist in the sector.
  • Glow Up does not mean only self-acceptance but the enhancement of the parts of your body you prefer with the clothes and accessories that suit you best: if your strong point is the décolleté, emphasize it with a neckline a V or an eye-catching necklace; if, on the other hand, you want to re-proportion the figure, play with prints such as, for example, stripes (vertical to streamline, horizontal to widen), colors and bulkiness of the clothes. Seeing is believing. Not sure where to start? Choose an ad hoc person as a personal shopper who can help you with your purchases.
  • Experiment with make-up without being afraid to dare: maybe that make-up you saw in a photograph could be the turning point for your new everyday makeup. In case you lack inspiration, you can find many inspirations and tutorials on the internet.

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