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We were born in 2017, driven by the desire to create an all-Italian beauty brand capable of making a difference in the world of skincare.

And we are convinced that we have succeeded: we are the first brand in the world dedicated to Undermakeup, with a beauty routine that is as smart and multitasking as it is effective and high-quality, perfect for taking care of your skin and enhancing your most authentic beauty.

We are strongly linked to Made in Italy and to the beauty and quality it represents. In fact, all of our products have been made in Italy paying particular attention to sustainability, both because of the short production chain that characterizes us, and for the packaging, designed to minimize the use of plastic.

We like to think that the Italian beauty routine is smart and multitasking, but also a pampering for the skin.
A way to take care of yourself without excess but with valid and versatile products.

An innovative step ideal for moisturizing, protecting and enhancing natural beauty, allowing us to leave the house even without make-up, or to increase the performance of our favorite make-up.


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