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Corrector for dark circles: best practices and mistakes to avoid

If you too feel a bit like a part of the panda family and the black furrows under your eyes are now your faithful companions, surely you've already had the opportunity to experiment with concealer for dark circles . But do you really know them all to make it perform at its best?

Let's see together what are the best practices and mistakes to avoid with the concealer for dark circles.

Corrector for dark circles: how to make it perform at its best

Corrector for dark circles: how to make it perform at its best

One of the most important and mistakenly underestimated things is the use of the right eye contour for the face. A tired and marked look, especially if unfortunately genetics or an unhealthy lifestyle are involved, needs, in addition to make-up, the right attention: if on the one hand it is necessary to look for a product that hydrates and illuminates the area adequately, in addition to attenuating the black or purplish halos under the eyes over time, on the other hand we must also consider the fact that this must be able to facilitate the drafting of the concealer and, possibly, to limit its use.

The right skin-prep for the eye area

The right skin-prep for the eye area

If you already follow an ad hoc skin-prep to prepare your skin for make-up, you will certainly know that you cannot underestimate the choice of the right eye contour product. So remember to choose a moisturizing one, suitable for your eye contour, but not too rich, so as to prevent the concealer from "moving" during the day.

Some of the active ingredients that we advise you to look for in the inci of your eye contour are:

  • Hyaluronic acid, perfect for supporting skin hydration and counteracting the first signs of the skin;
  • Probiotics , essential to protect the skin from external agents and stimulate the production of collagen ;
  • Green tea extract , ideal for decongesting and soothing the eye contour while evening out skin tone;
  • Peptides which, thanks to their pro-aging properties , help strengthen the skin barrier and look younger.

Apply concealer in the best possible way: the secret of color correction

Apply concealer in the best possible way: the secret of color correction

There are several beauty hacks to best apply the concealer on dark circles and one of these concerns the use of color correction (or chromatic correction). This technique, one of the most effective and used by make-up artists to cover imperfections and discolorations, involves correcting the problem in question using a color present on the opposite side of the chromatic mirror.

In the specific case of dark circles, a concealer in shades of pink, peach or orange is used for purple dark circles, while yellow is preferred to hide more bluish ones.

Therefore, the use of color correction involves two steps: the first, as we have seen, which consists in drafting a concealer in the most suitable nuance to cover one's dark circles, preferably applying it only to the affected area and blending it with the fingers.

The second step, however, concerns the drafting of a second concealer, this time of the tone of your complexion or a lighter shade to illuminate the area, to be blended with a brush or a beauty blender.

In this regard, if make-up is your passion, we point out this hack stolen directly from make-up artist Spencer (on TikTok known as @ PaintedbySpencer) who generally follows the color correction technique and provides the first step application of a liquid blush around the eye area - yes, you read right, blush! It goes without saying that the shade of the concealer definitely influences the final result but with the right precautions this beauty hack can be very useful, especially if you're traveling and want to minimize your beauty case!

Useful beauty hacks for choosing the corrector for dark circles and common mistakes

Useful beauty hacks for choosing the corrector for dark circles and common mistakes

The choice of concealer formula will also influence the final result. If a dry and long-lasting formula is better for face imperfections, for dark circles it is better to opt for a liquid or creamy texture, able to adapt better to our expressions and make the result as natural as possible.

Be careful, however, not to apply too much because the risk is that it accumulates in the creases creating a truly unsightly effect. Once the product has been applied and blended properly, apply just a veil of powder to fix everything.

And, since we just talked about it, always pay attention to how you blend the concealer too. Often, especially if you are a beginner, you tend to blend the product quickly without paying particular attention that it is spread evenly and gives a harmonious result.

Did you know all these things about concealer for dark circles? Let us know your favorite method and what are your tricks for a perfect application!

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