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Men's skincare: where to start?

Skincare is not just a cuddle or a feminine quirk: men 's or unisex skincare is one of the sectors in which the cosmetics industry has invested the most in the last decade, satisfying the demands of a male market interested in personal care and, in particular, to skin care, compared to previous years.

Why create ad hoc products? It's not just about packaging and fragrance! In fact, male skin is much thicker than female skin but also more oily as it has more active and larger sebaceous glands than female skin.

This leads to a more resistant, elastic and compact skin, thanks also to the greater quantity of collagen and elastin fibers, but also more reactive and more inclined to appear shiny and "sweaty".

In fact, compared to women, men have a more developed hair system which determines, in addition to a greater production of sebum on the face, also more dilated pilosebaceous follicles.

So how do you go about taking care of men's skin when you don't know where to start? We tell you, keep reading!

How to start a men's skincare routine?

Men's skincare: where to start?

Among the infinite beauty products you have never understood anything and the idea of ​​not knowing where to start causes you even a little bit of anxiety.

Don't panic: following just a few steps and the right products, you'll be able to make skincare an integral part of your daily routine in a short time, making you wonder how you ever managed without it.

Remember that constancy is essential to obtain results and that it is never too late to take care of your skin and yourself. In fact, skincare not only helps to improve and keep the skin clean, bright and with fewer imperfections, but it is also a real moment of relaxation.

The steps of men's skincare

The steps of men's skincare

The steps of men's skincare are essentially four:

  • Cleansing: as we know, cleansing the skin in the morning and evening is essential to eliminate excess sebum, impurities, traces of sweat and pollution from the face. The classic bar of hand soap is absolutely prohibited: always use a specific facial cleanser for your skin. If you see that your skin is sensitive, tends to redden easily after shaving, and feels dry to the touch, opt for a moisturizing facial cleanser . On the other hand, if you notice that you often have imperfections and your skin tends to become shiny during the day, choose a purifying face cleanser .
  • Exfoliation: precisely because the skin is thicker and full of sebaceous glands, it is important to use a delicate mechanical scrub once or twice a week, capable of removing dead cells and purifying the oiliest areas of the face. Also, its use helps open the pores, thus improving beard growth.
  • Hydration: the constant use of a specific moisturizing product for the face is essential to improve the appearance of the skin and solve some problems: just like for cleansing, the use of a moisturizing face cream helps keep the skin soft , elastic and to reduce any redness or areas of dryness due to daily shaving. For oily skin, the constant use of a purifying face cream is better , capable of providing hydration to the skin, while at the same time counteracting the appearance of imperfections on the face.
  • Grooming: is the step rigorously and exclusively dedicated to beard care. This step includes specific oils and waxes to discipline, polish and hydrate the hair, thus giving the beard a more well-groomed appearance.

Of course, there are additional steps you can take to move from basic to advanced level:

  • Use an eye contour: if you are getting older, using an eye contour is essential to keep the area relaxed and hydrated, delaying skin aging as much as possible.
  • Let yourself be conquered by face masks: purifying or moisturizing, and very rich in active ingredients, they are perfect for solving some specific skin problems. An example? Does your skin tend to get red after shaving? A moisturizing face mask , especially if soothing and refreshing, is perfect for solving the problem.
  • Sunscreen always and in any case: sunscreen is very important to protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays on the skin. If the cream is already a difficult step, choose a 2-in-1 product or a spray sunscreen.

How to make a man Glow Up?

How to make a man Glow Up?

The Glow Up is a sort of "upgrade" of ourselves. In fact, the term does not intend to be used with a negative meaning but indicates the achievement of a psychophysical state where we feel positively good about ourselves, thus making us more attractive and confident.

Here are 6 essential steps to start your Glow Up:

  • Time for skincare: obviously skincare is one of the first steps for a Glow Up. Your face will appear after a short time less tired and your skin softer, purified and brighter.
  • It also exfoliates the body: once you discover the face scrub, you can't not try a body scrub . As well as the facial one, it helps to remove dead cells and purify the skin.
  • Well-groomed hands: hands are a part of the body that tells a lot about us. For this reason, try to keep them in order by avoiding them becoming too long, use a file to uniform the result and use a hand cream every day to soften the skin.
  • Gels, waxes and the like: overdoing it with hair styling products will not only make the hair more fragile and dry but could also make it appear greasy and heavy. To avoid mistakes, always start with a small amount of product and add if necessary.
  • Attention to perfume: choose your fragrance and vary it according to the season (an eau de parfum is often too strong to be worn in summer). Please note: use little but in the right places such as the neck, hollow of the arms and chest.
  • New Look: A new haircut and a new style go a long way towards changing one's appearance. Ask your barber and an ad hoc person for advice, such as a personal shopper, to help you with your fashion purchases without distorting your essence.

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