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Back to work: green light for Glow Up for returning to work

When we talk about returning to work we can't help but think of the Glow Up! The desire to return to work at the top, to get back into the game and to set important goals for the "new year" is a very common thing and which must be exploited to the fullest to obtain maximum benefits and results.

Let's find out together what "Glow Up" means and how to make the most of this trend for our return from holidays.

The concept of "Glow Up"

“Glow Up” has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. But what exactly does that mean? The term “ Glow Up ” refers to a positive change in one's image and self-esteem. It is a way to transform, improve ourselves and give new light to ourselves , and it is particularly important when returning to work after a break.

Who, after all, wouldn't want to maintain the benefits of holidays and carry out all the good intentions we have set for ourselves - or that we have postponed! - in September?

The importance of self-care in the workplace

Self-care should never be underestimated, especially in the workplace. Work can be stressful and demanding, and taking time to take care of ourselves can make a big difference in one's energy and productivity.

The "Glow Up", in this sense, is not only about the external appearance, but also about internal well-being. Taking care of ourselves can improve mood, reduce stress and increase self-confidence.

Force yourself to carve out at least a few minutes of time every day just for yourself (perhaps in which to do some professional de-stressing skincare), and a few hours during the week to cultivate your interests and friendships. It's not just work!

The Role of Skin Care in Achieving a "Glow Up"

Let's face it right away: healthy, radiant skin is the basis for a successful "Glow Up". Skincare should be an essential part of your daily routine, especially as we prepare to return to work after a vacation.

Well-groomed skin can make our face shine and give us a fresh, luminous appearance – bringing all the benefits of the holidays with us!

Make sure you follow a skincare program suited to your skin type and, why not, able to avoid that unpleasant dull skin effect after tanning .

Skincare essentials for a post-holiday "Glow Up".

To get a "Glow Up" after the holidays, it's important to use the right skin care products.

First, make sure you have a gentle facial cleanser that effectively removes impurities without irritating the skin and follow up with a 2-in-1 hydrating serum-mask to give a boost of hydration, plump the skin and protect it from external agents.

Finally, for the day, opt for a light hydrating cream-primer , perfect for smoothing and evening out the complexion. For the evening, however, use a richer moisturizing cream to regenerate the skin during the night and capable of keeping your skin super hydrated and luminous. The fundamental ally for your routine? An illuminating eye contour , capable of reducing dark circles, brightening the gaze and minimizing fine lines around the eyes.

Recommended products for a "Glow Up" of skin and makeup

There are many products available in the market that can help you get a "Glow Up" of your skin and makeup. As for skincare, I recommend trying a hydrating mask once a week to nourish and regenerate your skin. For make-up, don't give up on an illuminating cream to give a touch of light to your face (and not only!) at any time.

Tips for creating natural makeup for work

A fresh and natural look is perfect for returning to work. Remember: less is more!

Avoid overloading your face with too much makeup and opt for a light and natural base. Use a BB cream or a low-coverage foundation to even out your skin tone, and then apply a touch of blush to add color to your cheeks and a little highlighter on your cheekbones. For the eyes, try to use neutral shades (sometimes a light shade of bronzer is enough!) and apply a mascara to lengthen the lashes. Finally, complete the look with a natural color lipstick. This simple and natural makeup will help you feel confident and comfortable as you return to work.

How to maintain your "Glow Up" during the workday

Once you achieve your "Glow Up" in the morning, it's important to maintain it throughout the workday. Make sure you bring along essential skincare products, such as a hydrating balm stick to use under or over your make-up to refresh your base during the day (you won't be without it!). Also, try to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing, and take breaks throughout the day to relax and recharge your batteries.

Inspiration for a "Glow Up" from influencers and celebrities

If you need inspiration for your "Glow Up", you can look at influencers and celebrities and take inspiration from their looks for your everyday make-up look. But remember that each person is unique and what works for others may not work for you. The "Glow Up", in fact, is an individual and personal process, so find what works best for you and enjoy your transformation. Experiment, find out what you like and create your own personal style for your "Glow Up" at work.

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