Sensitive combination skin

Sensitive combination skin

Your skin is a combination of oily skin and normal or basically dry skin. In the T area of ​​the face, forehead, chin and nose, you notice a greater formation of sebum and blackheads, while the cheeks, the eye area and the mouth area are drier and more prone to irritation and redness. 

The pores of your skin appear dilated only in the T zone where the onset of black points is more frequent. 

Occasionally in this area, prone to inflammation, you may notice the appearance of pimples and irritation. 

Being your skin porous and tending to shiny, it is easier than in those particular areas the makeup is absorbed during the day. For this reason, we recommend the use of specific Undermakeup products that guarantee you a good make-up, while preserving the health of your skin. 

Tip for your skin: use a neutral product to cleanse your face, which is not too aggressive to avoid excessively drying out the most delicate parts. It uses specific products for the areas to be treated, one more astringent for the T zone and one moisturizing and nourishing for the drier areas.

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