Oily mature and sensitive skin

Oily mature and sensitive skin

We have good news for you, your skin ages much better than other types, thanks to the excessive production of sebum that keeps it hydrated and protected. 

You may have troubles in keeping your facial skin dull, particularly in the summer heat. 

On the other side, it may be influenced by external factors such as pollution or nutrition, which may break this balance causing rashes, redness or dehydration. 

Make-up struggles to stay on the skin and is often absorbed, forcing you to do frequent retouches especially on the nose and forehead. 

Tip for your skin type: we recommend you to often make masks to purify the pores and absorb excess sebum, not forgetting to hydrate the skin immediately afterwards.Use products that also have the function of primer to help makeup stay on, while taking care of your skin.

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