Grazie ai nostri eroi


We raised over € 20,000 

Thanks to your help.

The Lombard health emergency has really touched us, we have witnessed it since the beginning. 

For this reason we chosed to donate our online revenues until April 16 to the NIGUARDA TUTTI fundraising as a thank you to our heroes who, with so much courage and commitment, are struggling every day to save our lives.

We chosed the NIGUARDA TUTTI project because we believed it co really do something concrete for the fight against Coronavirus today and will also tomorrow. Thanks to your help we have been able to give urgent support to one of the most affected hospitals on this emergency.

Today we are in an emergency but we still have to look forward to the future.

We are all connected, we are part of the same community and we should do everything possible to help. The most important thing is to never give up hope and look forward to start again.

Finally, we want to thank the promoters of this initiative, professional people who are aware of the needs in this emergency.

Especially now beauty, stay safe & stay strong ❤️